short CV / resume

I'm involved in sound and music through artistic practice (composition mainly), technical work (sound engineering), and independent research. I'm currently based in Waltham (MA) / Boston area.

As a composer, I work with recorded sound, instrumental performers, and mixed electroacoustic setups. As a sound engineer, I provide technical direction, live engineering, and record and mix new music in various forms.

I am interested in the performance situation, place and location, perception and memory, the excessive nature of sound, notation, field recording, and forests.

I hold a PhD in Electroacoustic Composition (supervisor: David Berezan) from the University of Manchester, UK (2010). I was an active member of the MANTIS community at the University of Manchester (2005-10), setting up as well as diffusing acousmatic work on the 40+ loudspeaker system. I have a background as a cellist, studying with Henri Foehr at the Conservatoire de la Ville de Luxembourg (Prix Supérieur - 2000). I was part of a Manchster-based mixed instrumental-electroacoustic group, KAIROS, run by Gavin Osborn, interested in improv and one-off projects, from 2005-2008. I also hold a Certificate in Audio Production from Boston University CDIA in Waltham (2013), where I also worked for a time as Audio Production Coordinator and Adjunt Faculty.

Recent creative work:

- figure point horizon (2016) - commission from Distractfold / Philharmonie Luxembourg
for violin, viola, cello, bass clarinet, 4ch fixed-media sound
premiere at 'rainy days' festival Luxembourg 2016 by Distractfold

- erasure.rupture (2016) - selected by Distractfold / Darmstadt (IMD)
stereo fixed-media sound
selected for 'historage' CD release, Darmstadt Summer Courses 70th anniversary 2016

Recent technical work:

- live sound engineer for performance of Steven Takasugi's 'Strange Autumn' by Viola Yip and Ryan Muncy, Sommerville MA June 2017

- technical director (sound), live sound and recording engineer for concerts at Radcliffe Institute, Harvard University, 2017:
Anthony Tan and Zaid Jabri portrait concerts
(also for 2015: Mauricio Pauly, Daniel Peter Biró)


Previous festival invovlement / works presented at:

hcmf Huddersfield UK (2016)
New Music North West RNCM Manchester UK (2016)
Distractfold #26 Manchester UK (2015)
Tête-à-Tête festival London UK (2011)
York Late Music Festival UK (2010)
Manchester International Festival UK (2007)
Sonorities Festival Belfast UK (2007)
Futuresonic Festival Manchester UK (2007)
Sonic Arts Network EXPO Manchester UK (2006)
+ various MANTIS Festivals at the University of Manchester UK




working with Distractfold in Luxembourg, rainy days 2016
photo Linda Jankowska

recording at CDIA studio D - 2012
Jessica Evelyn

live @ greenroom - 2008

KAIROS - 2007

sound diffusion rehearsal
MANTIS concert - 2006