contours (2013/rev. 2014)

fixed media / acousmatic

a suggestion of forces and things through their trace; outlines projecting several possible masses, movements, actions, tensions, things.

created in the studio by performing various ad hoc instrumental-recording setups (cello or cymbal or bass drum with several mics being reamped through amps directed at snare drums in turn recorded with close and distant mics), then laying out material on a large format console and performing mixes recorded as stems; working through several stages of contouring, etching, tracing.

recorded and mixed at Studio D, BU CDIA (now UMass CDA), Waltham, MA USA.
revised and completed at composer's studio, Waltham, MA USA.

Performed by Distractfold Ensemble at RNCM New Music North West 16 festival, Manchester, UK (2016)

Part I performed by Distractfold Ensemble at DF26, Manchester, UK (2015)