je me nuit (2007)

flute(s) + 4ch electroacoustic environment

this work can be performed by one, two or three flutes, with the same four-channel live electroacoustic setup using a MaxMSP patch.

the performer(s) is gradually surrounded and obscured by sound projected through the loudspeakers, sound which originated with and is derived from their own sound (nuit/nuis).

the performer(s) is guided by a graphic notation as to the layout and performing modes of the work, and judges timing by listening to the contours of the electroacoustic environment, navigating moment-to-moment changes of pressure.

with thanks to Gavin Osborn for working on the the development of the piece and for the first performances.

developed and composed at the NOVARS studios, University of Manchester, UK.

Performed by Gavin Osborn (fl), York Late Music Festival, UK (2010)

Performed by Gavin Osborn (fl), MANTIS 10th anniv. festival, Manchester, UK (2008)

graphic score for work (full score contains instructions):