l'homme (d'après Ponge) (2007)

fixed media / acousmatic

"une certaine vibration de la nature s'appelle l'homme." - from Notes premières de l'‹‹homme››, Francis Ponge.

An exploration of lived and observed human physicality using fragments from an unfinished, fragmentary text by Francis Ponge. The text explores a kind of crisis of being issuing from the thought that a person knows nothing about their physical body ("Rien ne lui demeure plus étranger"); and yet it also sidelines simple description of this physicality by putting a person as largely determined and dominated by completely different things than the simple maintenance of their body.

text spoken by the composer; other recorded sounds include heartbeat, skin, breath...
recorded and mixed at the old MANTIS studios, University of Manchester, UK.

Performed at MANTIS-LICA festival, Lancaster, UK (2008)

Performed at MANTIS South-North festival, Manchester, UK (2007)