two sketches of the sky (2009/rev. 2016)

fixed-media / acousmatic

How to describe the sky in sound? Its voice, wind, like breath, is heard by its action on other things; it is felt on the skin, seen in movement, heard in disturbance. How to open up the active expanses of the day and the deep reflections of the night within the short fixed duration of a piece? There are certain moments that vibrate with something within us, where the vault above is a reflection of the vault within. Two sketches to place a marker on this path.

Field recordings of the forests above Steinsel, Luxembourg; recordings of the family piano; rain on an umbrella (another vault) in Manchester, UK.

recordings carried out in Steinsel, Luxembourg, and Manchester, UK.
mixed in Steinsel, and at the NOVARS studios, University of Manchester, UK.
revised and finalised at the composer's studio, Waltham, MA USA.

version of No.1 performed at MANTIS festival, Manchester, UK (2009)
version of No.1 performed at KAPU, Linz, Austria (2011)