erasure.rupture (2016)

fixed media — select­ed by Dis­tract­fold for the Inter­na­tionales Musikin­sti­tut Darm­stadt ‘his­tor­age’ project (2016) and 
pub­lished on the IMD ‘his­tor­age’ CD- per­formed at Darm­stadt Inter­na­tion­al Sum­mer Course for New Music, Ger­many (2016
)- per­formed at the Hud­der­s­field Con­tem­po­rary Music Fes­ti­val, UK (2016)
 This rework­ing of archive record­ings explores the con­cept of the ‘point zéro’/‘blank page’ present… Con­tin­ue read­ing erasure.rupture (2016)