I work with sound and music as a com­pos­er and audio engi­neer. I have a back­ground as a cel­list.

Vibra­tion, res­o­nance, record­ing, place, sit­u­a­tion, the embod­ied expe­ri­ence of sound and music are all impor­tant con­cepts for my work. Fogs, mists, forests, and the things that seem to emerge from these are of inter­est.

My audio engi­neer­ing work includes tech­ni­cal direc­tion for new and exper­i­men­tal music events, pro­duc­tion (esp. stu­dio record­ing + mix­ing) and post-production for musi­cians, film­mak­ers, and oth­ers who need a wan­der­ing sound per­son to help real­ize their work.

I also teach with­in all these areas.

I am one half of Nois­es at Dusk.