figure point horizon (2016)

vio­lin, vio­la, cel­lo, bass clar­inet + 4‑channel fixed media + ampli­fi­ca­tion / dis­tor­tion pedal

- com­mis­sioned by Phil­har­monie Lux­em­bourg for Dis­tract­fold ensem­ble
- first per­for­mance at rainy days fes­ti­val, Stu­dio at the Grand Théâtre du Lux­em­bourg (2016)


This piece focus­es on sit­u­a­tion and loca­tion: in this place, at this time, for a time, 
putting the air under var­i­ous pres­sures, the per­form­ers nego­ti­ate a score that is almost chore­o­graph­ic.
Sen­si­tive to ten­sions in the atmos­phere, to how mass and move­ment can come to dom­i­nate the space, 
the per­form­ers res­onate place and dis­tance, with and against the fixed-media sound with its at times dis­lo­cat­ing mem­o­ries of oth­er airs and spaces.

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